CCTV Systems

Wespygroup are one of the leading companies in the design, installation, maintenance and commissioning of bespoke CCTV Security Camera Systems 4 to 16 channels and all of our systems meet requirements for our customers. CCTV doesn’t only help to discourage potential intruders, but if the worst was to happen, then having CCTV can help catch those who have taken from you. Each of our systems can be viewed remotely for PC or from your phone for piece of mind away form home or your business.

Wireless Intruder Alarms

Pyronix two-way wireless protocol has been developed to protect the communications between all wireless system components with a very high security level. This ensures effective anti-code grabbing and multiple attempts at message delivery. It also provides a very high level of protection over the wireless bus, ensuring peace of mind. Rest assured that your system is as secure as wired alternatives, with credit-card style encryption of wireless signals, fault reporting and long battery life of up to two years, with up to 32 detectors being used on the system.

Wired Intruder Alarms

Now you can have a hybrid security system which you can control from anywhere in the world. Setting and unsetting, checking the system status and setting up notifications, you can now have ultimate control of your home security whenever required. With 8 detectors being used or the system that can give you protection in your home or business.

Door Access

Net2 is a networked access control system. A networked system gives the advantages of central control, event reporting and flexible control over users’ access. Each control unit is part of a network but can run independently making its own decisions and remembering events


Audio entry kits based on the 4000 Series modular design incorporating two way speech, electronic call tone and lock release facility. The door station is available surface or flush mounting with up to 12 call buttons each with a back lit name plate.
The standard finish is a stainless steel fascia with a gun metal grey surround. An aluminium fascia and a chrome or gold surround are also available. The telephone is wall mount with a lock release button and a three position call tone volume control. Up to 2 additional handsets can be connected to each door.


Wall mount network cabinets is one of the most commonly used distribution cabinets. It provides a flexible network management system for transitioning outside plant cable to inside cable and connector assemblies and can be installed on the wall.
Wall mount network cabinet has great advantages in network cable management and protection. The wall mount network cabinet is usually layered structure, which helps a lot while organizing equipment and cabling in limited space. Moreover, the maintenance of network cables connected with wall mount network cabinet is very convenient and efficient. The cabinet generally contains power supply and fan, which can help the network cables work well and work longer. Various sizes and types of wall mount network cabinets are provided. Factories install different adapters in the cabinet to satisfy the needs of the markets.